Serious Italian & High Intensity workouts

Hi Alex! I just signed up and created a program with Coach Jack and first off, I’m really impressed at how easy and yet customized it is, very good work!

I don’t really race on the road anymore, however I definitely do ‘race’. I was looking for a plan that really prepares you for hard road riding and Coach Jack suggested me a Serious Italian plan. For the kind of hard efforts I do, mostly 3-5 minute power is my main target to improve. While I wouldn’t expect any high-intensity intervals in weeks 1-4, looking ahead to weeks 5-8 and 9-12 I was surprised to see that the intervals are almost all threshold/endurance. I have no issues with this kind of riding, however was expecting to see some VO2max kind of work in there and hoping for some as I feel I’ve plateaued a bit. So I’d be curious on why the SI plan doesn’t include any VO2max or if it’s something that is in my settings. My riding on Strava has been intentionally more on the endurance side the last 3 months or so, so I wonder if that’s throwing Coach Jack off?

Anyway, thanks for a great product, really looking forward to the training!


Hi Scott thanks so much. The serious Italian is a specific plan that has been used for 20+ years to produce top of the world tour winners. So our coach that gave these plans to his athletes did not see VO2max workouts necessary for top performance. Although he does have a sequence that is a 50-60 rpm Vo2max intervals that he calls a secret weapon. We are going to be adding more build2/peak period workout soon that will be more event specific.

You should not be seeing so much threshold work. Can you send me a screenshot? Also you can create a custom plan just like the Italian but substitute Vo2max for some of the plan weeks by creating two shorter plans.

Recent endurance work will only pick a plan for you but Italian does not have any bo2max

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