[Solved] - Clock Time/Workout Timer

During long workouts (exceeding 2 hours) the timer will slow down and 1 second will actually be 3 to 5 seconds long, thus increasing the time in each part of the workout. Hitting any button on the app (IOS) will not fix it. Then at random the clock will catch up (speed up to the correct time). This creates havoc in a workout… Any thoughts.

AFAIK, this was supposedly fixed in one of the version. Just checking if you’re already on the latest.

I am on Version 3.4.3. I had this issue before and then it went away. But, its back.

ok… then wait for @Alex to address you.

So far we have only seen this with older devices and devices running out of resources. Device restart usually fixes it. This is the fist report of this I have heard in a year or so.

Would IPhone 11 be considered old?
I have done both of the following - Checked version of Trainerday and updated phone.

But, I guess the real issue here is that this problem does not happen everytime. It is random and unpredictable. And there may be a correlation with SLOPE Mode. If it happens again I will confirm. Anyway thanks for the response.

iPhone 11 should be fine. If your battery starts to run low it will likely shift to low power mode which will reduce it’s performance and likely start this. It shouldn’t be slope mode but anything is possible. I would think longer workouts are more suspetible to shorter ones. Yes please let me know anything you find out.

I had this happen towards the end of a two-hour session. Behaviour exactly as described in the OP. ERG mode. Happened when the phone battery hit 20%. TD version 3.4.5 and iPhone 12Pro.

Yeah, you need to shorten your workouts :slight_smile: Hmmm,… yes probably low battery related but it would be interesting to see if the same problem occured with low battery at the beginning of a workout. I have a 11pro so I could try that. No one on our team spends 2 hours on the trainer :slight_smile: But I guess we could try test mode for 2+ hours and low battery.

I just came back to report that I’ve experienced the same issue again, this time on an iPad (7th gen.) running iPadOS version 16.3.

I started my 75-minute workout at a full battery and finished at around 80%, which would suggest that it’s not related to a low battery level. The clock started to run slow somewhere after the 45-minute mark and started running fast 5-10 minutes later.

ps. notice how I’ve worked hard to shorten my workouts :slight_smile:

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This issue is now a regular occurrence (iPadOS 16.3 and TD 3.5.2) and there doesn’t seem to be any correlation to battery level. @Alex have you been able to look into this?

I’ve been able to “reset” the issue by pausing the workout and hitting play again, which fixes the problem.

Oh, this pause, play is very good info. We are in the process of testing. Hopefully I can give an update next week.

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For completeness, I should add that I run the iPad in split view with TD in one window and another app in the other (usually Spotify, Youtube, or GCN).

The iPad runs the A10 Fusion chip that dates back to 2016 and was also used in iPhone 7.

Oh yes, spit view is probably the issue. Our app uses a coding technology that allows us to be lower cost but it comes at the price of requiring more system resources. I will try Split View in our tests.

I have an iPhone 11 pro max which is still a few years old but much faster than yours. It’s 100% second accurate to more than 3 hours. I did not pedal this whole time :slight_smile: I did continue wearing heart rate monitor and it continued recording power of 0 as well. I do also try to keep my phone fairly well optimized but I did lots of other tasks and had the app in the background for long periods of time and on phone calls. I pulled it to the front and verified the timing and everytime it was perfect and their was no racing.

So, we had others test too and it’s really phone performance and what else is happening on the phone/ipad that matters.

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Thanks for testing, much appreciated. I had a suspicion it could be an HW issue. That’s the difference that a three-generation jump from an A10 to an A14 processor makes. Time to upgrade the iPad :slight_smile:

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For what it’s worth, I’m running an iPhoneX v16.3.1, and experienced the timer slowdown just yesterday. I will plug the phone in tomorrow to make sure it isn’t a battery problem.
In “48 minutes” I listened to a 58min podcast and 37min of another podcast and thought I was going crazy and was wondering why the workout wouldn’t end.

Sorry to hear. Maybe our app thought you needed a longer workout? Sorry bad joke… Anyway even though in most cases an iPhone10 should be a great phone for our app, sadly it’s a bit on the older/slower side. Usually a phone restart will fix it, even if you are in the middle of the ride, it should only slow you down by 60-seconds or so as our app remembers where you are in the ride. Wish I had a better answer. We will keep working on performance (seems like forever) maybe one day we will find a solution to reduce performance needs.

New version is coming out today or tomorrow that we are hopeful will resolve this issue.

The problem seems to be back again when using the Vasa Swimerg. Fine through 20ish minutes then slows down to half time or slower. Same with the meters. I have updated my app. Any recommendations?