[SOLVED] - Power smoothing slider in Android missing?

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I can’t find the power smoothing slider when using the Android app.

We removed it and added our permanent smoothing but we are seeing we might need to bring it back for more intense smoothing. Why do you need this?

Arguably I don’t NEED it, but this is today’s workout which seems to fluctuate more than I am used to in something like TrainerRoad

What I don’t understand, is, is the smoothing just visual, and all it would be doing is making the graph look prettier?

We actually only had smoothing in the app but plan to add it to the web too. We always save and send raw un-smoothed data. Does the app look better?

We should be adding to web soon.

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I don’t really look at the app, I find phones too small to try and see my workout. In lieu of a windows app, I use the live browser version when I’m actually training, but here is the screenshot. I can’t really tell if it’s better.

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Yeah that’s not much if any better. Might do something different for this. I am desktop guy myself. Can you send me link to this activity? I will use your data when testing as it is different than most others but a good example.

Here is the activity. Trainer Day - Activity Detail

BTW, I’m using an Elite Suito trainer if that makes any difference

That’s correct. The data saved into the FIT file would be the raw data plus/minus any algorithm to “fill in” gaps due to sudden 1-3sec signal drops. (If there is)

Also. If you’re using a pedal PM or such. Expect the signal to be noisier. Trainer power would be much much cleaner looking. Wahoo app for instance, can set their trainers to output raw or smoothed data

I guessed as much. I’m using a trainer and TBH, Zwift bounces around like a pogo stick as well. TrainerRoad is the most stable for the ones I’ve tried, they must be really smoothing out their graph.

I know it’s not making anything actually different (only visually), but psychologically it just feels better when riding.

Trainer power is usually very much stable.

Not specifically on topic, but the file might also help for the OT. If you look at this Activity, when it got to the cooldown, there was some weirdness. Even though the target was low, 114 or something, it insisted on keeping me at a higher wattage. You can see in the activity that it is consistently higher than the target. This was in erg mode, and I tried soft pedalling to get it down to the target, but erg kicked in and kept me 20 or 30W higher, consistently Trainer Day - Activity Detail

Curious. What trainer is that?

Elite Suito-T

only happening at cooldown? is it a Ramp down cooldown or a step down cool down?

does using the +/- button get it back to what it should?

I’ve had some issues w/ Wahoo users where the trainer wasn’t respecting the new power targets being sent to it. (as i understand it, wahoo trainers will ignore targets sent to it within x seconds)

I’ve had the Suito for about 2 months, riding on it at least 3 times a week, and it’s the first time I’ve had this happen. I didn’t try anything with the app (buttons etc). It was a step cooldown.
I’ve used TrainerRoad, Zwift and TrainerDay and it’s only happened in TrainerDay (and only this once, for what it’s worth)


Looks pretty noisy for a trainer power (I understand that usually trainer power is quite smooth. But maybe it’s just my trainer and wahoo.)
anyways, next time, try to do a manual +/- adjustment and see if it helps to “reset” the power

Also requesting to bring it back.

With a wheel on dumb trainer it jumps around a lot on the screen now and makes it hard to keep consistent.

I am using a jetblack z1 and stages crank PM.

Ok, we will bring back a stronger version of smoothing. :slight_smile: And try to do it very soon.


Great! Cant wait.

Just signed up for the paid version of the app.

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