SST by coach Jack - is it really SST?

Hey everyone,
I tried to build up a plan and took a closer look into SST workouts like this one.

But if we look into the TiZ (sorry, Alex, here we go again :slight_smile: ) we see, that basically it’s Z2 99% workout, I only see 3 min at 84% which is the closest one to SST range of 88-95% which is seemed by Dr. Andy Coggan. Strictly speaking, in this workout we have 0 min of SST.

I checked if this is just an early stage of SST progression, but no, the same idea is kept even on weeks 13-16.

Why is this designed the way it is? In my understanding, the SST progression has to progress in primarily TiZ in base phase with possible 2nd progression in power (or shorter recovery valleys).

Thanks much for your comments, guys.

Yeah we don’t take a TIZ approach at all other than trying to include more z1/z2. We look more at physiological main work focus. In this workout that is between minutes 10 and 20. This main work will continue to grow over time. We do have the ability to create a custom plan in coach jack with sweetspot blocks starting at intensity level #10 that will provide a more traditional approach to sweetspot.

So essentially we don’t “believe in” or suggest people follow the previously established approach to sweet spot unless they really like it or feel it really works for them. If so then you might be better off using our workout and plan builder although as stated above Coach Jack can partially or completely get you there depending on what you are looking for.

My belief is the whole reason the currently existing idea of sweet spot was created was as a mathematical model for maximizing TSS as compared to a physiological focused benefit of an individual workout. Now that said, I am not saying someone following sweet spot won’t have benefits and get faster, it’s just that we don’t feel the benefits vs the value and risk are worth it.

See below how you can get a more traditional sweet spot. You could even start at level 1 or 5 to dial in that beginnning intensity level. Just select sweet spot blocks under custom.

Hey @Alex, thanks for your comments, I need to think it through. Tried setting initial intensity to 10, indeed, it works pretty well. I was scared though to see a 4-hour SST workout with intensity of 0.85. I don’t think anybody can do it in real world. Best can hang in on 90% of FTP (what stands for 0.81 IF) for about 1.5-2 hours. I did couple of times 1.5 h and I almost saw Jesus at the end :slight_smile:

Not sure how you are getting that but if you are using SS blocks with long rides you might want to adjust your ride feel down so the workout is easier. I could not get what you are. I agree that would be ugly. I know a guy that can ride sweet spot all day long but that is very abnormal. See what I get below

When it gets to block 18 it gets impossibly hard unless you tweak the ride feel down to easiest level.

If you set intensity to 10 and 3rd progression as SST hard, then you will see smth like this:

which is against any reasonable physiology :slight_smile:
But I got the idea, thanks, @Alex

Yes level #20 and hard blocks is not something I would ever recommend. If you are doing this then change ride feel to lowest setting. Really I don’t like these custom hard blocks in general and think most people should start at intensity level 1 but generally we use tss progressions and this is the only way to combine both tss progression and main work adaptions. We added all this just to allow the flexibility for crazy guys to go to the limit if they want/need.

People are so different. This one guy had a strange disconnect that his sweet spot workouts were zone 2 heart rate so he could do this workout no problem. Maybe just terrible at FTP tests :slight_smile:

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