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Is possible to export a complete training plan from TrainingPeaks, I want to run the plan in TD app, but export one by one… and import, is a lot of work.

This is not possible. TP does not support this. The other option would be for us to offer TP workout of the day like other apps have. TP has given us permissions for this but we are waiting for enough people to request this.

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I think you could export/import most plans in 30-60 minutes. Once you start it’s not that bad

In my opinion is a valid upgrade to TD :wink:

I just changed it to a feature request and changed the title.

Yes, it is only the first ones that is more complicated, after taking the rhythm it becomes easier.
But there is a problem in the import, a training with a time of 2:30, in the TD they go to 3:00 and for example a time of 15 seconds goes to 1 minute

Can you send me an example file? This must be a new bug.

You also can try exporting ZWO file, that might be the best format for importing. But I still want to fix this bug if there is one. UPDATED WE FIXED THE BUG STATED.

We are working on this TP workout of the day feature now, it should be available in a week or so.

Hey good day to all, please let me know where I can do the workout of the day that comes from a plan on my Training Peaks account. As far as I have read option is on the app, but I can not find it.
I can do an workout in Trainer Day app, and it loads nicely in Strava and Training P.
But I can not receive on the app T. Day, the workout of the day that my coach placed, I have to turn on my Wahoo Elemnt and use that head unit to do the workout…

I know that can be done manually, downloading from TP and uploading to T. Day, but must be done daily. Please let me know where is that option in T. Day.



Hello Javier, we are working on this right now (mostly done). It should be available in the next week or two but currently you can not do it in our app. Thanks for the complimements. We this WOD feature will be a great one for TP users. If you want to join the beta group you can test it out earlier. If you are iPhone user I would have to add you to the beta group.


This is COMPLETED see the other topic here

TrainingPeaks WOD (workout of the day) is completed


Hi Alex, I have done everything as explained, even gone to the TP website and disconected the TD app. Later I have connected againg from the TD website. Done several times but I can not load the Workout of the day. Not in my phone and not in the Ipad. Of course I have hit the reload workouts in the app.

Sorry to hear that. Let us look into this. I assume you have a workout schedule for today?

yes, all the week, a point on a day is a workout , 2 days a week is rest.

It’s working perfect for us. Did you or can you make sure you have the latest version of our iOS app? Also can you send screenshot of what you see in the app on the library/plan tab?

Yes,… also, I have loged out from the app and login again…


Javi we found and partially fixed the problem. My developer told me the source of the problem has to do with 1 workout and TrainingPeaks has an error, so you might be missing 1 workout. I am going to contact TrainingPeaks but it should be working for you now.

Yes! It is working se image, let’s sweat :sweat_drops:

Cool, yes we see the workout with an error was Yoga or something :slight_smile: so not an actual error. Glad it is working.