Target vs Watt Arrow Indicator

Yes, perfect. I just did percent instead of watts. Maybe after we do this we could add a sound when out of zone. I have spin bike and pedals too but not using it no. I like it though.

I like this proposal.

Further on coloring the NEXT TARGET shouldn’t have the color of the actual TARGET color.

If rainbow is desired, then NEXT TARGET should be colored e.g. green=Tempo (76-80%, (152Watt is around 82% of FTP185 and 222Watt is around 120% of FTP185).

The margin of 5% should be configurable. Probably outside it is more difficult to stay near the target power than on a tacxNeo in ERG mode. On the other hand the power fluctuates much more on a wheel on dump trainer.

Oh I misunderstood. Colors on numbers might make them hard to read. I can play with this though.

Point is to keep it as clear as possible. But as @KaRo says, the Next Target is good information to see up front. Kind of missed that. The bar in the colour of the next target zone and maybe the wattage, but the duration for me is already to much information. I will see that as soon as I start that next interval. I just want to know if I have to get ready for an effort or if I will be getting some recovery. In an Over-Under for example, it will not be recovery but work at a slightly lower intensity.

Colors and readability is something that needs to be checked in both dark and light layout, but should be doable. The box in the actual target color and a bar in the next target colour is equally good. But I would keep the color highlighting different for target zones and actual ranges. Just to emphasize that they are different. I think that would be more intuitive.
About the colour palette, that’s a choice to make. I’m not really used to Zwift colours but I can imagine that others are. Not a deal breaker, I’ll get used to that.

Thanks and thank you @MedTechCD i really want to make this better and you guys are forcing me out of my box.

I would love to get rid of the next interval duration. Any of you guys use that?

It would be a shame as I use it all the time. When intervals becoming hard I am monitoring the remaining time and the next one (how long and how easy it is). The size of the current implementation is sufficient for me.
Regards Rolf

Google translate misleaded me: German to English shame, reverse translation: a pity

No, we will not remove that one!!! :slight_smile:

Just remove this. Does it matter to know how long the next interval is in advance?

I spend short durations on the trainer so different experience then you guys but I am the guy that just stares at the graph and when suffering the count down timer. If I am in slope mode doing hard intervals then staring at current power.

If I could get rid of the next duration then we could do this, which would be super clear in my opinion.

For me duration of next step has little to no value but that might be different for other users. All I want is an idea of what intensity comes next, and once the interval starts, the interval timer gives me the rest of the information.
What I like in this proposal:

  • Colour block Target Zone shows which physiological zone is targetted
  • Next shows what physiological zone will be for the next interval. Should in my opinion also be in the colour of the physiological zone (and probably is)

What I don’t like:

  • The composition of the ‘actual zone’ colour block and text. The colour should just reflect if you are in a specific range around the target or not. That’s probably what you mean? But the text ‘Actual Zone’ is misleading or not what I’m after. It should be something like ‘Compliance’ or ‘In range’. It should certainly not take the colour of the physiological zone you are in, just a colour to indicate if you are out of that range. Or one colour if below and another if above.

To preserve space in the lower bar, you could colour the the background or the number of the target.

My actual zone in this case means you are in zone red, I was using red number to indicate compliance.

So you are suggesting it does not matter what zone you are in, it only matters what your target is and if you are on target or not

So this would meet your suggestion meaning the one on the right you are in target.

Is that how the rest of you guys feel too? That actual zone you are in does not matter. I guess most of the time it should be a match, so this make sense to me.

I hate adding any more settings especially for something used by a smaller perect of riders so I am not sure in this case if the ± X% before it turns red. I agree if you are focused on zone training you should be in the middle of the zone so the extra percent does not help anything but as you say, others prefer to target the top of the zone.

As explained before I use both information: duration and power target of next interval

@Alex Yes, that’s what I mean. Too much information is confusing.
I mostly ride ERG so target percentage difference is not even something I would miss. But it’s a good indicator for dumb trainer users with a power meter.
Your aim is to match the target, so to me it’s overkill to repeat the zone colour on the actual watts. That will look like sort of an ambient light changing and flickering all the time. Too much distraction.
And if you use zone colour on the target background or number, there’s plenty of space available to keep the duration in the Next bar as @KaRo prefers.

Some how this bothers me with so much color but it does seem to visually simplify the problem.

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A picture says more then a thousand words:


Target is 180W and that is within my Threshold zone. Next interval is 120W, endurance zone for 1m30s.
Top: I’m riding 184W, as expected
Bottom: I’m too low in power output.

Or another variety with background colour iso text color.


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For me both proposals (from Alex and MedTechCD) are in my expectation.

An open point for me is still, if the coloring represents

  1. out of Zone (eg. VO2max 106%-120%)
  2. out of Zone within +/-5% margin (e.g. VO2max): (100%-5%)*106% = 100.7%,
    (100%+5%)*120% = 126%
  3. out of Target Watts with +/-5% margin (regardless in what Zone it is):
    o 150 Watts -> 95%-105%: 143-158 Watts
    o 222 Watts -> 95%-105%: 211-233 Watts

My wishes with priorities are:
a) out of Target Watts with +/-5% margin (3)
b) out of Zone (eg. VO2max 106%-120%) (1)
c) out of Zone within +/-5% margin (2)

I think that MedTechCD means with “Out of Range” my definition “out of Zone within +/-5% margin”

Correction: I think “Out Of Range” is “out of Target Watts with +/-5% margin”

Yes that is what I mean. And for these reasons:
Or you train in a physiological zone and the exact target is less important.
Or you do a very specific workout, think over-under or VO2 40-20s and then the wattage target is more important. Step test also in this category.

I am wondering if this is becoming to complicated. The reason I started this topic was I simply couldn’t work out what the watt arrow indicators meant.

Ideally we need to come up with something so simple that people will just understand it without having to ask here.

I am actually wondering if we are trying to do too many things here. Comment 4 above was my first suggestion at a very simplified way of fixing the what’s already there.

Before using this my main app that I used was mpaceline and with that app it was quite easy to use work out what zone you were in. Let me see if I can find a pic of that.


After looking for pics of mpaceline I’ve come to the conclusion that the trainer day interface is much nicer.

The funny thing is that I used to love the really colourful style of mpaceline but having used TD for a while i think I prefer a more muted interface.

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+/-5% to me, is quite tight. Maybe it’s my pedaling style, maybe it’s my Power pedals (assioma) but I typically see a lot of variations even with 10sec smoothing.

100w +/-5% = 95-105w