TrainerDay Sprint Workouts Settings

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New TrainerDay user here. So far i have use erg mode for my workouts in TrainerDay using my Saris H3 Trainer. My question is, what settings do you set in the trainerday app during your high VO2max or anaerobic workouts to have proper outputs? Do you disable erg mode and enable sim/slope on a specific value? Do you just disable erg mode? because when i try to do 400+ effort for 30s, i do spin out on the middle of it in which i do not believe i would spin out of it haha. Please let me know your suggestions with this. Also, if there are any saris h3 users here please let me know your suggestions.

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For 30/30s or tabata… I just use ERG, I think for most riders this is the best since you don’t have to think just pedal, although I don’t mind them on my spin bike but I give up much faster :slight_smile: do to mental (and physical) laziness. Not sure what you mean by spin out. I am not a serious cyclist now (some would say ever :slight_smile: ) but have no problems at about 350 watts on Neo and I would assume 400w on H3 should be fine too. 350 might not sound bad but I am big so, still slow :slight_smile: Might want to try different gearing. Hopefully someone with an H3 can respond here. Slope mode is good for 4 second sprints or less than 10s but for sure 20-30+ is better in ERG for most.

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Thanks for inputs Alex, i will try your suggestion. The spin out i mean is that there is no bite after the 15s in the 30s interval.

If your trainer is overshooting the target then it might be trying to adjust and drops the resistance to try to hit the target. Sharing your TrainerDay activity screenshot might help.

You also create a step or a ramp going into your work interval like these and it might help your trainer or body react better. These are like 2 second steps/ramps and 28s work but you could experiement. Not exactly a 30/30 but probalby close enough for all intensions.

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Ok thanks for this Alex. We’ll definitely try to experiment on this

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Bit late reply sorry but I’m newer to an app controlled smart trainer and noticed the same issue in erg mode on short sprint intervals on my Kickr.

Cadence dropping below 80bpm before hitting the power and get the “spiral of death”, over 100bpm and the resistance falls away and you spin out.

Depends a bit on the power target too.

I’ll get used to it eventually but I toggle the erg mode on and off and make sure I’m in the big ring before the short sprints, which is working fine.

Are you saying that the power fluctuates when you are spinning? If it is that, then i reported that to Grigory. But it looks like for me it is happening on Android only. I am using a flight trainer from 4iiii. On the ios , everything is fine. I also disabled powermatch. Without it, it behaves better. I have not tried the android in a while though. It also could be the phone that updated its BT.

Short sprint intervals <10s are not ideal in ERG and like Pierre stated likely worse using power match. If we can get a link to the workout and a screenshot of you activity it might help us see if it is an app bug or something else. Wahoo devices take 2-3 seconds to react to a ERG power change so we send the update 2-seconds before the actual interval change, my point is these devices can add additional complications. Tacx Neo changes instantly for example.

Yeah I don’t think it’s an issue with the TrainerDay app at all, it appears to be a common issue on the forums for short sprint intervals <30sec, particularly if the power is jumping 200-300% from the previous interval, and if you’re in the small chain ring on the front.

Try this workout. You don’t have to do the whole thing but just try out a few of the hard intervals. I give instructions during the workout on how to prepare. This might solve your problem.

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Yeah I did read that post before and saved it into my workout folders. Must give it a go next week.

I’m supposed to be in my crit specialty block now, but have a 200km event on this Sunday so have been substituting some longer training rides in.

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