Example of a HIIT 4-second interval automated slope mode workout

So here is an example workout with 4 second hard intervals. Because it is based on slope mode you can ride the intervals at the intensity you want and really for as short or long as you want. It’s a bit like a dumb trainer or even Zwift in non-ERG mode but you have visual guidance to help you hit your target intervals. In this example it also switches from 4% grade to 8% grade 10-seconds before your hard intervals start and continues 10 seconds after you finished.

What I found was that it was better to add these 10-seconds or so of the target slope before and after the 4-second intervals to get me prepared and in the right gear/cadence and if I overshoot the 4-seconds it does not drop the slope. This workout idea was based on this article.

I would call this a “beta” workout because I did not know exactly what I was doing. I would love to see what other people create. I also added text descriptions to prepare me for each interval.

Make sure you turn on Sim mode in the app settings to use this workout.

When creating your own workouts set your interval types to ERG or SLOPE if you want them to automatically change. I will create a video as soon as I can.

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