Using Garmin Connect and Zwift to train

So I created a training plan using Coach Jack yesterday. Pushed the plan to my Garmin Edge device. Started my training using Garmin Edge but also used Zwift to do a ride using my tablet. After the ride was done, it synced to Strava and Garmin Connect (from my Edge device). After a few minutes, I went into Strava and deleted the duplicate ride I had while keeping the ride from Zwift on Strava.

Was that a no-no ? In Training Day app, I see no record of my training. It’s as if I didn’t do the training at all :frowning: What am I doing wrong ? Pls guide me.

We are not yet displaying strava rides in the app history. We do have it on the website and web calendar though. We will be adding this strava activity to the app soon. I see nothing wrong with what you did :slight_smile:

Thanks Alex. So I see now the ride I made on Tuesday from Strava on the calendar. I used TrainerRoad where it would match my planned ride with my ride and will ask a question on the ride and based on my feedback adjust up or down future rides. Does TD do something similar ? Will it match a ride with the one in the plan and recommend/adjust ? I’m enjoying TD and am looking forward to using TD this year.

My developer is working on auto-matching, I think it is partially done, if you have a planned workout and do that workout on the same day. If for some reason it does not you can pair them yourself manually. We will continue to improve this.

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