Why am I not seeing speed and distance in TrainingPeaks? (COMPLETED)

Even with my weight configured in the profile, the distance and my speed are not recorded. What can I be doing wrong?

We currently only spend distance (and speed) to Strava. Vote for this feature if you would like it added. I understand why to send it to Strava but not sure why to TP.


This isn’t something that is a deal breaker if TrainerDay doesn’t have it, but is a feature I voted for and would like to have. While distance doesn’t matter to most people (as time is the more important metric), it’s nice to use as a progress tracker week-to-week and at the end of the year. I like TrainingPeaks and Strava to be pretty consistent to one another.

There are also metrics on TrainingPeaks that show longest workouts, weekly distance, total distance, etc, and without distance, there is missing data (shows 1 hour ride time, but 0.00mi, for example). I have been manually adding in the missing mileage up to this point to keep things consistent

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We are going to add it. I have had many people ask actually. Add to both TP and dropbox.


The free version of TP is pretty useless though and the paid version, well…

I’d ask what does TrainerDay add? Just curious, please do no take offense.

I’ve paid for it before switching to Xert and I have just used the workout libraries they have and created one myself like 5 times.

I also got WKO4, but I’ve removed that from my Mac as I got a headache trying to use/understand it. Likewise with GC…

Funny thing is, if you have WKO4, they figure you don’t need TP online, as it’s not even free if you own the software. It’s either/or, or pay for both.

Do you mean TrainingPeaks?

No, I meant TrainerDay. If you are a paying user on TrainingPeaks, what does TrainerDay add?

I could answer that question, clear to but I will refrain, I would love to hear other answers first. I think you can answer this too because it is almost the same answer as what does TD give you over intervals.icu

That doesn’t make sense, to me anyway.

For me, intervals.icu is about analysis, not workout tools. This has been added by David recently, but this is exactly why I suggested a cooperation between services.

So, intervals.icu for the analysis, TrainerDay for the workout library / creation.

If you pay (too much) for TrainingPeaks, you already have a vast workout library and you can create your own.

I can see why you would want to move away from TP, if there is a workout (library/creation) / data analysis alternative that is better and saves you money.

As I said, maybe I’m missing something, or have never digged deep enough into TP to understand where it is failing and why you would want to add TD to it…

TP you have to buy most of the plans. You don’t get any workouts for free even in the paid version uness you can find a free plan which I don’t think is so easy.

You can’t even import ERG/MRC files to TP unless you use TD. intervals.icu has almost all the same basic functionality of TP. Analysis, planning and create workouts and plans. TP has more depth but the idea is very similar to intervals.icu. One of their main advantages of TP is workout distrobution to all the major platforms. They also have an annual training plan creator. If you have a coach, many coaches like using TP so TP is the choice. Many coaches need to have 100% trust in their tools, this is a business, TP provides trust. I am still avoiding answering why TP vs TD :slight_smile: I paid for TP online and WKO for many years. TP gives me the online verison for free now. I still have up to date WKO. TP is far closer to intervals then it is to TD.

Okay - I seem to remember that TP offers a (limited, probably) library that was sufficient for most.

As for the coaches prefering TP: yeah, they didn’t have much else to go with for years :sunglasses:

I switched to Xert with it’s adaptive training advice - I have never seen the need of creating a plan for more than two weeks tops, let alone for a year. Too many factors that can interfere and that’s the beauty of Xert - it adapts automatically.

Then again, I’m not a pro athlethe and I don’t need to spend money (easily $200/mo) on a coach…

Not unless it’s hidden some where


I don’t even have an account anymore, but as I remember it when I was paying for it, there was a lot more available (at that time anyway), including a big library of ‘lose’ workouts and a limited coach’s plans library.

I can imagine that you would have to create a specific plan yourself, with the available workouts.

Or hire a coach. Preferably a level x certified TP one…

Now, you can do that on TrainerDay and intervals.icu - admittedly, with TD is easier to build a plan.

I have never seen a workout library in TrainingPeaks although maybe you are thinking about TodaysPlan which does have about 2,000 “free” workouts if you pay their monthly fee. What is funny is I saw a user in intervals.icu saying he was switching to their workout creator because it was better… To each his own. :slight_smile:

I have been using Today’s Plan as well and that was actually better than TP, despite people initially using the same ‘knock off’ argument they do for TR and TD.

Anyway, if you have a paid account on TP and don’t get what I remember, I’m either wrong, or they’ve changed it.

As to intervals.icu workout builder, to me

Main set 6x
- 3m 100%
- Recovery 3m @ 55%

is not that easy :rofl:

I also think you need to include TCX syntax in the workout file…

Read the thread: https://forum.intervals.icu/t/workout-builder/1163/29

Yeah I have paid account on TP for years and never seen these free workouts. I doubt they would remove them if they had them but I did not pay that much attention.

I don’t understand what you mean about this TCX syntax. See below, we have had this for a long time.

I know you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to export it, but I don’t have to write the total workout using a text editor - I like your building interface better.

Having said that: I never build workouts anyway :rofl:

What does this mean?

I still don’t get it. I just tried and I can’t even figure how to use their workout editor… :slight_smile: Theirs is similar to Garmin’s but better.