Why am I not seeing speed and distance in TrainingPeaks? (COMPLETED)

Don’t get what? If you chose ‘Add Step’, then ‘Repeats’ and enter 10, you get 10x in the box and have to add the rest. Or, so it seems - like I said, it’s too complicated :rofl:

Your interface looks more natural, even if the output will be the same. And maybe, I should just RTFM (https://forum.intervals.icu/t/workout-builder/1163)

Then again, as also previously stated, I do not build workouts :sunglasses:

That’s what the intervals.icu workout builder looks like… You can pick some basics, but have to add stuff yourself (I think)…

Yes, I know that is their interface… Oh now I see what you mean by text editor :slight_smile: I thought you were suggesting they had something nice in their workout builder. Theirs is super powerful, and flexible and includes non-cycling workouts. I am 100% focused on solving 90% of what most cyclists need, not all the other stuff… In this sense I like this is what TrainerRoad does too. 100% focused. I would say TR is 100% cycling racer focused with mostly sweetspot. For TD I would expand that focus slightly, and maybe narrrow it in other ways. :slight_smile:

Exactly and it requires way too much detail to attention, b/c if you make a typo…

I like simple :rofl: Still not making my own workouts though. There are enough readily available, if I even want to follow one…

(Don’t ask me: “What are you even here for then?”)

You still are providing good insight. It’s actually faster to create them then find them, if you are looking for something specific. I just realized in your case and probably many more peoples they want us to add a training zone called sweetspot so you can find all the sweetspot workouts in TrainerDay. Wow can’t believe I overlooked that one.

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That is a slight oversight, yes :joy:

Ahh, gotcha.

There’s a few reasons why I prefer using both. For me, they just have different purposes and aren’t exclusive of one another (not a matter of either-or).

I much prefer the workout builder on TrainerDay. Even though as of now, you have to export the workout to TrainingPeaks (comes up as same day in TP), move into the library and/or move to a specific date, it’s still much faster than building a workout in TrainingPeaks.

Having an included training app is another reason. While TrainingPeaks, Golden Cheetah, etc allow you to export files to a device, I would rather use TD for the sake of controlling my trainer. I plan on including optional links for athletes that use TrainerDay… ("Here’s todays workout… description… Bad weather or indoors?: trainerday link goes here). I’ve only done this on occasion with myself, but haven’t done much for athletes since I’m fairly new to TD and my workout library already has a lot of my bases covered, but the hard work is cut out. If the weather is bad or you’re indoors, just click the link and you’ve got the workout running in the efficient TrainerDay app for only a couple bucks a month.

And as a coach, TrainingPeaks does a lot for me. Having tried other platforms, or just planning on my own in an excel file, the time saved in writing plans and communicating with athletes is well worth the $19 per month.
Sure, I can get analysis after the fact with IntervalsICU, but for athletes and myself, the planning on TP is hard to beat. It becomes more important since we do lots of outdoor riding and supplement with indoor riding, rather than the other way around.

Hopefully this makes sense what I’m trying to say

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It does - I didn’t factor in that you are coaching :+1:t2:

Ok I keep getting requests for this so we are adding it now. Should be available in the next few days or next week at the latest.


Ok this is done. It has not been well tested yet but we don’t see any reason it should have any issues.


Looks good! :+1: :+1:



I have interesting places in strava, which is very flat but not as flat as no map… as you can see below. 10% difference with map vs without. TrainingPeaks never has the maps. Having two different distances would drive some people crazy so they need the maps off if they want them to match. I am considering adding mapst to both if you check them.

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@Alex hey :wave: so I vote for speed and distance to show in Garmin when I export the .tcx file to Google drive then drag it into Garmin connect to upload it…I guess I can go back to the Garmin head unit otherwise but I quite like the app for speed of getting up and running.

If you connect our web site to DB it should have speed and distance just not the app at this time. If it is not working as I described let me know and we will fix that.

DB being Dropbox right?

Oh sorry, I thought you said dropbox you said google drive. Yes if you use Drobbox connection from our site it will solve your issue.

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I deleted the upload and then pushed across and transferred from Dropbox to GConnect but it still doesn’t bring it in …but that’s a file that was created before the DB connections weee established. Oh well tomorrow is another day and a fresh workout so hopefully it’ll push the data across as intended and we’ll be all rosie! Cheers @Alex for the continued support :blush:
Btw if you can start pulling AW Breathe mindfulness data from apple health into your HRV app like HRV4Health that would be amazing :wink:

Simon try going to apps and devices page and there should be an option to sync missing workouts. If not let me know. This should sync all your old workouts to DB. If you are saying your workouts are in DB but don’t have speed and distance send me the file. Maybe GC does not import speed and data form TCX but that seems hard to believe. We also generate FIT files on the site but I think that only currently works if you have maps turned on.

I will research and think on AW Breathe… :slight_smile:

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sorted it on the website you can DL the .fit but the app defaults to .tcx and i suspect the .tcx doesn’t carry the Sp/Dis data but the .fit will have all of it and that’ll probably be what pushed across the Strava …job done and should be fine after the workout as we are all linked to DB now anyways so it’ll push across fine hopefully

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