Wingate test calculation

Did anybody ever do a Wingate test using Trainerday ? I find 2 workouts with that name, but I can’t really work out how to get your score out of the test …

Since Andrea has Trek lab I am asking him if they do wingate test. I would do it in slope mode, ERG warmup switching to slope mode 30 seconds before at like 3% the test and 15 seconds before switch it to 7% and get ready to switch gears for all out 30-35 seconds. then at the end swith back to ERG @40%. I might extend it to 35 seconds just to make sure you cover the full 30 seconds at max effort. Could even go 40 seconds. This is all just theory based on my previous testing of short intervals in slope mode.

If you want me to create what I think is right let me know. It will just take a minute. I will wait for Andrea’s response as well.

I am curious what you are using this Wingate test for.

Hey Alex, the Wingate test seems to be a “standard test” for high interval based sports. My son is a profesionnal ski racer (alpine skiing). It seems several teams are using this test in specific periods of the year to look into their physical readiness. An FTP test for them is less relevant, since they do 1min short all out efforts. He was asking me : is this in Trainerday? I found 2 “workout” with that name, but still need to do more investigation what exactly it is. I guess doing the workout is “easy”, but … then based on the resulting file, a calculation needs to be done… interesting topic for investigation

Ok, yes I know wingate is standard. Andrea says they also do it on the pro riders. Let me know if you want me to create a good slope mode version.

I’m good for now. I had a version in the tool to try. The challenge is to find the algorythms to take the file which is the result of the test, and “translate” it in the typical wingate KPIs. Will have a look at that next.