Workout "Stress" vs "Intensity" in-depth explanation?

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Is there an in-depth explanation of the meaning of the Stress and Intensity fields in the workouts listed in TD?

Intuitively, I believe that Stress is similar to TSS in other platforms even if I cant’ say that I know 100% how it is calculated.
Is Intensity how high my HR goes up as an absolute value? or on average?

Is there a better explanation of each of these?


Stress = TSS
Intensity = normalized power as a percentage of FTP

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Intensity = how hard the workout in referrence to your FTP (if using power, else heart rate), a intensity of 1.0, for a hour workout, means you were working as hard as you could for a hour

TSS = Well basically it’s intensity * time (I know it’s not be it’s easier to explain) so the longer the workout at a given Intensity, the higher the Training Stess Score (TSS)

There is some more detail at

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