Workouts not syncing to Wahoo Element (WAHOO ISSUE)

Was there an update or something?

I used to be able to download an ERG file and drag it to my Plans folder on my Element. I Did this on 8/17/21 and uploaded a full 6-week plan, all the workouts synced and showed up on the head unit. It worked well but now on 8/30/21 all the files are still in the plans folder but I’m unable to see them on the head unit.

Any advice?

Hi Dan, we did not change anything regarding ERG or MRC files that I know of. Can you send me your zip file to support @ My guess is this is a change with your wahoo device. What computer and software are you using to transfer to Wahoo device? I can also test this.

Might be the same problem as this:

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Yes so this looks like a Whahoo problem as I suspected. I have not updated my roam unless it auto-updates so I could try it before and after updating.

Maybe an indication that they’re about to do something about workouts sync, one would hope….

I will use this as a reason to contact them and ask about the API :slight_smile:

Ok sent them an email. Usually takes a few days or more to get a response. Let’s see. Maybe if nothing else the will fix this “bug.”

Thanks Alex, I came here to post the same. For me though I cant even get it to recognise as a drive in mac or windows. I have the latest firmware installed ( WA20- 13311)

I’m hoping that’s what’s happening.
To think of it it would be so simple for them to create a web front end where you just drop a zwo/mrc/erg file and it gets synced to your unit.

Seems like they invested all of their limited resources in that stupid watch nobody wants. Sad when companies make stupid decisions.

My guess is this is what you get when you have a CEO that is excited about inventing new things. He is probably a bit too far away from the customers. The amazing thing is a guy that is a friend and I used to work with happens to be the lead developer of their public API but that still does not get me any benefits. Wahoo did send me a few trainers for free which was nice.

Ok I added latest Wahoo update here.