Would you integrate with RunGap? (To automatically send completed activities to Garmin)

Hi Alex, Im new to trainerday and I’m looking for a way to sync the completed workouts to garmin connect. So far one way I have thought this can be done is with RunGap since it allows you to sync different accounts with Garmin and other services. Would it be possible for trainerday to be added to RunGap?

This video explains better how this works.


Wow, cool. Let me contact rungap and see what they say. If they are willing to add us.


So, first response from RunGap is they are interested in this integration. Seems like it could happen. I will keep you updated.

Awesome! Thanks for taking the time. Looking forward for this to happen.

Thank you for mentioning it. Many people would like this to happen.

Thanks for sharing this. RunGap looks interesting for other uses as well

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+1 to this. I’ve been using RunGap for a while as a hub for different services.

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This already works with a few steps.

RunGap can be connected to Dropbox, where it creates two folders, import, and export.
TrainerDay can already connect to Dropbox, though as I see it you can not select custom or multiple folders yet.

Until then you can use this: Dropbox to Dropbox Sync - IFTTT or another automation process to copy files from the Dropbox Trainerday folder to the Dropbox RunGap Import folder.

After that you can manually or automatically upload your Trainerday finished workouts to Garmin, via RunGap. You can even spoof the file, so Garmin thinks it comes from a Garmin device and you can therefore earn badges, etc.

@Alex there is one problem though, some files are not correctly formatted, 0’s in the file, aka speed and distance not working like on intervals not long ago :slight_smile: - could be only old files, as some newer ones seem to have the data.

Did you fix your files or was the fix only made on intervals.icu?

Oh interesting. We are working on this direct integration. No we did not fix the zeros in the files but we will work on this too.

Ok this is done. This at least helps iOS users to get completed activities to Garmin in simple fashion. See run gap app below.

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Haven’t seen this before now, very nice job!