Change home page to redirect to web app for logged in users

Our UI experts would tell me off for the extra button click, I never look at the rest of the page … but like you say, there is no right answer to these things

The experts I read in the last years say the idea of “extra clicks” is not what is most important, obviously 10 extra clicks is but the problem is that we should not require people to think. Right now you really have to think, even I have to think, and it is two extra clicks on mobile or small desktop. I think something like the below solves the problem.

For logged in users maybe we should do something like this.

I think you are talking semantics, any button adds a layer of cognative engagement, if it doesn’t, it’s a redundent button and therefore should be considered for removal, as it will be one of the extra clicks that will frustrate a user over a period of time

I’ve just bookmarked the the search page, but agree, this might not be behaviour that all users want

I know TrainerRoad does this but it frustrates me. I don’t know who we consider a market leader in UX, but to me most of the best sites I see these days do it the way we do. Hubspot should be an expert in this space for example (looking at it, I am not so sure)

I would guess figma is considered on the top of the list and they do it as you suggest. I also think miro is on the top and they also do as you are suggesting. The more I think about it, it might be related to the audience. A more technical audience can handle the redirect. A less technical might get confused by two different experiences. I went to TrainerDay and say this marketing page and now I go there and I don’t. I am not sure. I just know I do like you do and bookmark the logged in site. Partially the reason I did this was I was frustrated with TrainerRoad and wanted to get to their marketing home page and could not figure out how (many years ago) :slight_smile:

I also know google analytics was taking you to marketing page and recently changed to taking you to the tool. That was seriously frustrating in their case. Much better now. I guess I am saying maybe I am wrong. I just know how frustrated I have been when I want to re-read something on a home page and can’t easily get there but I guess that is very rare compared to wanting to the to the tool itself.

Yeah it’s targer audience, out software is financial, so people using are doing a job, not there for pleasure, so the marketing page is of no interest to them, I suspect when you use VS (if you are using Visual Studio) and had to go through every morning before starting work, you would a) not read the marketing page b) get frustrated

My feeling (and my only feeling, as I’m not really sure why I am getting sucked into this conversation) is that I don’t look at the TD marketing page, I go straight to the search page, any news on the TD product I would expect to find in the Forum in my down time, rather than whan I am going to the TD website to create a workout or look at the calender, but that’s just me

Like I say, it’s just the target audience, I’m not really making a case for you changing it, just commented on it, like I say, never visit it, it’s bookmarked and i’m a keyboardist I comes up first when I start typing

You could flip it on it head, and land on the search page, and then give a option to go to the homepage if you wanted to look at it

Anyway, workout time

Sorry, that was a bit off, what I meant was, well sorry was trying to make clear, I don’t have super strong opinions on this, just commented on it :slight_smile:

All good

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I worked at MSFT when .NET launched in beta and had an internal product there being used on the .NET beta… so old school MS tech guy but switched to JS/TS about 8 years ago. I do use VS code (and webstorm). I think most of our users come to the site for a few days and then don’t come back for a few weeks or more so it’s not a daily tool. You are right daily tools are more critical for this case. I am still considering it. Also it depends on if you are paid or not. Meaning not paid users might want to see this or it might benefit us but really I am not sure.

Yes, you made your point and we are not disagreeing… just no single right answer.

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Yep :slight_smile: we are good. I get sucked in too and shouldn’t but I am addicted to learning other peoples thoughts… it becomes especially interesting when they appear to have a deep knowledge/thoughts on the idea.

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