Coach Jack: Better Wahoo Elemnt Support (ranges and .plan files)

First of all congratulations on the recent development, I am really impressed with the training plan builder and the added options to limit daily workout duration!
I’ve used the workout builder (ERGdb) with manual export to my Wahoo ELEMNT in the past, after first reading about “Coach Jack” I was hooked and it only took me some days of reading in this forum before I subscribed.
Having completed the first two workouts from my plan I would like to know when the adaption of workouts for outdoor training will be released. In my last workout I had three blocks going from 211 W to 208 W to 205 W over the course of 10 min - I assume the “outdoor” version of the workout will include coarser “quantization” of power values, i.e. only differences greater than x % will be included, right?
Another extension (Wahoo-specific) would be the export of Wahoo *.plan files for the entire training plan where target ranges can be defined. The workout dates can be set in the *.plan file, too (file format).

Keep up the good work!

Yes outdoor version (currently for Garmin) has bigger variance of final power. We are also going to try to add more variablity to indoor as well. This is great idea on plan files. I am a wahoo user myself. I keep hoping they finish their public API which we should be first in line to use but they are going very slow. Plan file with dates is good idea too. I did not realize that was possible. I read about them a little in the past. I will research this, I can assume it would not be so hard.

Thanks for the feedback. Currently I’m syncing to Wahoo via TrainingPeaks (had to update my FTP, there, after it messed up my first workout) which is convenient via the Trainerday website :+1: Maybe you could add the option for bigger variance (“outdoor mode”) also to other export pipelines?

If you investigate this, drop me a PM - I have setup a couple of workouts that I could share, they use target ranges for both heart rate (before I had a power meter) and power. If users download a full plan (e.g. as zip archive) and save them to their Wahoo device once it’s not as inconvenient as doing this over and over for each workout.

Yes good point. We need to do that. We have 4 different options for Garmin right now but zero for other platforms. TrainingPeaks would be good first step. I think below would be enough for TP. For Garmin we have open ended intervals where you press lap button to move to next interval but as far as I know Wahoo does not support that still.

Sure great on the .plan files. When I am ready I will shoot you a message and maybe you could help beta test the .plan files as well. I am going to move this to a new thread for better wahoo support.

Ah, didn’t know about this option - it makes sense to enable this also for TrainingPeaks.

On the Wahoo ELEMNT you can always “pause” your workout by clicking the middle button “<>” (the track and sensor data is still recorded), this prolongs the current interval. So it’s the other way round: you can extend your current interval instead of having to skip to the next interval as you describe for Garmin. In practice, I use this pause feature e.g. to extend the break before the next set if I approach crossroads or face traffic, or to extend a work interval if I had to slow down mid-way due to traffic etc.
Additionally, there is the option to skip through intervals so a long “buffer” interval could also be inserted and the user skips to the work section as soon as she/he is ready.

Oh excellent I did not know about this pause feature. Actually that is a better way to do it because you don’t need to design your workouts to specifically deal with it. Yes we will add this to TP as soon as we can and definitly try to have it before the weather starts getting nicer in the northern hemisphere…

That option would probably be enough for premium users of TP.

I’m using the free TP subscription right now (cannot justify premium with limited training time due to family and work), so for me personally this option should be available in the “Send to” menu of a workout - maybe as “TrainingPeaks (Outdoor)”. What do you think?