GCN dive into Zone 2

Expect you’ve all seen it, but worth a share, thought it was a well produced and interesting interview, not just going in the training benefits of Zone 2, but health benefits as well

Super good video. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s funny I am working on a Zone 2 blog post myself right now. :slight_smile: obviously not the same level as this but I think I can share another perspective people may not have thought of.

Maffetone goes deep into how to maximize your fat burning. I think he is even a greater expert in this space. I deeply followed his suggestions for years, and feel you can really turn into a different type of athlete if you master fat burn which aligns with slow twitch muscle usage.

I am so happy to see this come more info fashion.


Yeah, I really liked this video because it didn’t get to nurdy and he asked some good questions and was super clear

I had a good season from doing lots of Z2, and just riding as much as I could (100 miles new years day), think this year I am going to look at improving my Z2 (ignore power and train to HR for Z2)

Love your blog post, I was concerned about with the one about getting the most out training as I own the same fans as you !!! you should post them here as well so we don’t miss new ones :wink:

It’s funny because here we have this platform with thousands of power based workouts and I think just training in HR zone 2 is perfect :slight_smile: Sure we need a bit more through out the year but a lot can be this very basic training.

I am not sure which blog article you like but if you are saying the one about most out of training actually that is a guy I hired to write some more basic articles Zach and I wish I could write like he does :slight_smile: He writes for Zwift, TrainingPeaks and more… Good guy. Real cyclist. Thinks a bit different than we do but still a great writer and was writing stuff that I would not do a good job at. Trying to help the beginners a bit more. Most people on this platform are not beginners but as we get more popular we get more and more of them. I want to improve and simplify the experience for the beginners.

Yes I do need to remember to post blog articles here. You guys are my main communication channel and have the most influence over where this product goes. :slight_smile:

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Since you shared this and I felt it added a lot of credibility to Zone 2 training I added it as a primary point in my Zone 2 article. Thanks again and please share anytime you find cool stuff like this. Here is my article.



Oh my I just was reading the TR forum regarding this video and some people are saying some very funny things there. Not understanding the message at all. One person said if you consider the warmup and cooldown sweet spot is basically a Z2 ride :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve been following that thread, I’m not sure what to say, it’s almost like they watched a different video, the great thing about that Video was that they kept it clear and simple, why try to make it more complex that it is

Yeah strange.

Anyway, this video helped me realize we can have a better (new option) for Coach Jack plans. Originally when Coach Andrea showed me how he designed his plans, he put a lot of z2 in the front of his main work intervals. Not enough to tire you out but still a fair amount. When I explained why I put the main work in the front I think he thought it was acceptable even though it was not exactly like his. I am working on discussing this video with him to get his thoughts yet but I am sure he designs his secondary work a bit differently than I did in CJ.

As being a long time Maffetone low heart rate believer/fan and knowing how it works I should have realized to maximize the benefit of Z2 work I should have put in front of the main work. I was thinking about people (like myself) ending workouts early and making sure I get the main work in but that was a mistake. Now especially with our skip forward button in our app, I am going to make a change to CJ workouts. As Dr Iñigo points out, once you get out of that fat burning state it’s hard to get back in it.

I realize this should be a new option. “Zone 2 Aerobic Focus Mode”

Because our system allows people to do hard work if they prefer or they feel it works better for them we leave it working the way it does but add this second option.

This secondary work at the end for people doing longer workouts could still try to help manage TSS like it does now.


Ok talked to Andrea. He likes this too. He pointed out you could also call it “Fatigue Mode” :slight_smile: meaning you are not as fresh as you are at the beginning, and as you get into harder intervals you are going into them slighly fatigued, which is valuable as well. So 45 minutes of Z2 followed by 5 minutes of VO2max work would feel a bit extra hard :slight_smile: You could again generate two overlapping CJ plans one in Z2/Fatigue mode and one in the current normal mode and get different training benefits.


I like that you’ve made this change, and i like that you have made it optional, for me at the moment, I would rather the “work” at the front

I did 100miles at Zone 2 on Sat, 50miles on Sunday, 1.5 hours yesterdat, today when it comes to my vo2 work, the vo2 is the priority, I like the Zone 2 at the end, although it may not be as good quality as the Zone from the weekend, but hay

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I like work at the front too. I guess that was part of my bias for building it this way. Thanks again.

It looks like one I tried last week…

…and will potentially do regularly next Winter.

Funny, that’s it exactly.

Sorry, I’m a bit confused by @PedalMonkey’s comment - has @Alex already made a change to CJ that switches the main and secondary workout around, as I can’t see how to turn this feature on? If not, it would be a great feature if it could be added :raised_hands:.

Yes your are right, he did sound like we had done it. :slight_smile: We have not done it yet. My developer is going on vacation for 2 weeks now but as soon as he is back this is first in line, but that means it might be 3-4 weeks from now.


Yes, good video. I’ve been watching many videos recently made by San Millan, Stephen Seiler and Phil Maffetone. I’m a convert to Low intensity training. Been doing it for 3 months and my power has increased by an avg. of 22watts for for the same BPM to prior LIT.

Super cool. I did lots of Maffetone in the past. It totally lived up to its claims for me. Very strong improvement in hr vs pace (running)

I know others that have had their best season after a pure base winter as well. I am considering a wave of it now, meaning strictly below AeT. I would say I am exercising not “training” these days, or more weightlifting and rucking focused. Thanks for sharing your experience.

What’s sure is that I did too much HIIT training the last two years, and I lost a lot of endurance ! I barely improved my PR on a 4min segment, so thanks to the work on the VO2max, but I wasn’t even able to reach the times I use to have on shorter segments (30s-1min30), so it didn’t help on my “sprint” ability, and I was at complete lost on longer intervals (10+min). This year I’ve been doing more “lsd” rides, less high intensity intervals, and I feel globally way better. Yeah, I now believe that long rides below Z2 make a big difference.


Pretty much the same story here (just more years) I used to do lots of miles (at least a 32 mile commute over day) and then a long ride at the weekend, and when I started doing a few intevals my speed increased, but I got greedy and was sold the idea that intervals was what mattered, everything else was just junk miles

The more I get to really understand training, rather than be sold on sales pitch podcast worshiping the workout, is that a) riding the bike is supposed to be fun b) lots of riding in zone 2 will make you fitter c) adding in just enough interval work that you can recover for the next week will make you faster … and you don’t ned to do any more than that

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