I would like virtual power. Will you add it? (COMPLETED)

Eric, temporarily I found something that should be very close for you until we can add your actual trainer. If you are on setting #1 assuming you have(0,1,2) Then the power should like the below picture. 54kph = 530w and 26kph should be about 220w. We will see if Claude has similar chart. I can get actual numbers from Elite to be extra sure. Anyway the “Elite Crono Mag elastogel” in our settings appears to be the same as your setting #1 so you should be good with that. Let me know if you have any questions.

Cool, I will test this as soon as possible … Thank you for your responsiveness

I did a test by taking the recommended configuration. I don’t think this is ok. 200W, for a cardio at 125 / 130bpm, it can be fine … but a speed of 34km / h, no, I would be more on 30km / h …
In addition, I regularly noticed a cut in the power information (speed) as a buffer memory effect!
Thanks for your feedback!

So it sounds like for you “Setting #0 on the Elite” is closer to your actual power not setting #1.

If you set your setting on 0. Then 200w = 30kph. You can try the virtual power called “Power - MINOURA V100 on 4” which should be closer for you.

Regarding this cut in power can you record a video and show what you mean?

I was on the setting position 0
how to file a screenshot?

So change to this curve = Power - MINOURA V100 on 4. We don’t show speed but if you can see speed on your Garmin computer or something else at the same time as using our app. Go 30 KPH and tell me what the power output is. It should be around 200w. If so it is working correctly.

You can read here how to record a video.

Once you have the video you can email me at support @ trainerday.com (remove the spaces) or just post it here is fine also.

ok, I will test with this new configuratton, while waiting to get better … I will send you the screenshot by mail for the loss of regular information.

thank you

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In attachment the picture with the power/speed curve that I used to derive the formula for the Elite Arion Mag. Can’t attach the Excel file used for the calculation.

  1. Open the picture with an image viewer that shows pixel coordinates (GIMP, Irfan View,…)
  2. Zoom in on the picture and determine the intercept of X and Y axis. Enter the coordinates on the first tab of the Excel file
  3. Find 2 well determined speed values and enter their value and coordinates. In this case there were no vertical raster lines, so I used the 0 intercept and the 60kph end of the chart.
  4. Do the same for Power. Find 2 values/coordinates.

With the above information, we can now calculate the exact position of every pixel and transform it to a Speed/Power value.

  1. Move your mouse cursor over the different resistance curves and enter the coordinates of a number of points in the columns x and y for Measured Points.

The excel file does the rest. It plots the points, adds a Trendline and displays the formula.
If you want your trainer listed in the app, give @Alex your exact Brand/Model and the formula’s determined this way.


My ht is indeed an arion mag elite with three power adjustment levels
Your curves seem correct to me, but the arion mag is not in the repertoire at the moment

Yes looking at Claudes this one seems to be the closest to yours on the lowest setting (0 I think). But we will add yours hopefully in the next couple of weeks


Here is a PDF with all our current power curves in it. This is taken from GoldenCheetah.

Lots of updates lately, but no new curves for HT Arion mag … I tested with Sirius lev3, it works although overestimating on the lower curves …
I wanted to test on ipad (vers12.5), but unable to launch the application, it does not seem to install …

Oh sorry I completely forgot about this. I will try to get this done next week

Hi I found the curves for the 3 levels of the Arion mag you said HT but I assume you mean Elite… but they require some different math than the ones we have so far. I have a super smart math guy that helps me out with this stuff but he said he is busy. Usually he can do this type of stuff in an hour or two so hopefully he finds some time asap. I am still hopeful I will have this in the next week or two.

I made up the curves for this one and they are a bit higher in this thread, remember?
@Firebrand confirmed as likely correct.

Thanks yes I need some special formulas in code. GoldenChetah has the curve numbers I need but I need different math code to process them. Trying to do a curve fit in JavaScript is not so simple like it is in Python.


OK, no problem ! It s a Elite arion mag with 3 level

Great here is the response from my math guy


I have never even heard of fractional polynomials, or if I did I forgot what it was 30+ years ago… and I was a great math guy back in school. :slight_smile: Normally computer programmers are considered good at math (I think) but I think that is just addition and subtraction using a calculator or code :slight_smile:

Ok my math guy gave us the solution. It was super simple. But trying to find answers to problems like this is difficult if you don’t know what a fractional poly fit method should be :slight_smile:

Here is python code. Not that most people care… :slight_smile:

def get_fractional_poly_fit(coeff):
    x, y, z = coeff
    return lambda speed: y*speed**x + z

We will have this and the related Arian 3-levels in our new build which is later this week or next week at the latest.

On the last update, I saw the choice of arion 1 and 3, but not 0, is this voluntary? … it’s cool