Plano de treino para múltiplas corridas (add multiple races to coach Jack)

Hello Alex…
Can I ask you if you can, together with your programmer, if you can coach Jack, plan several races during the month?
For example, in March I have 2 MTB races and one road race. By making the plan like this I could do everything and I didn’t have to worry anymore!!
Also, if it were possible to ask the questions if the race is on the road or MTB, which was good, anyone who wanted this type of plan would have to pay for the annual plan.
Thanks Alex

Hi Gomes, let me see what I can do. I definitly want to do this. We are adding right now that we are allowing multiple “vacations.” So multiple races should be easier with this feature.


I thank Alex so it gets easier for me as for the other athletes who have several races during the year. I hope you implement as soon as possible. Thank you very much

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Yes, now I am thinking it will be the next 2 months. Not 100% sure but pretty sure. Thanks for your patience on this. I know this is important for racers.

Can you tell me your race schedule. I met with Coach Andrea on how to generically allow people to add races but depending on the types of races really depends on how it changes your schedule.

Fill out a list like this. SInce you are pushing this harder than other people, we want to make sure it works for you.

Race Date, A or B race, Race Type, Expected Duration

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Hello Alex!
Thanks for your response!
I’ll give you my races for 2023 road and mountain bike.
Race A 19 March Portugal Cup MTB 5/6 hours
16 April Portugal Cup MTB 5/6 hours
07 May Portugal Cup MTB 5/6 hours
28 May Portugal Cup MTB 5/6 hours
02 june Portugal Cup MTB 5/6 hours
10 september MTB 4 hours
17 september Portugal Cup MTb 5/6 hours
Race B 26 March Aveiro Spring Classic road 3h30/4 hours
02 April Grandfondo Porto/gaia 4hours
23 April Grandfondo Torres Vedras 4hours
11 june Grandfondo Terras de Basto 4hours
16 july resistance 3 hours
04/05/06 August 3 day mountain bike
15 October raid MTB 3 hours
22 October raid MTB 3 hours
Thanks Alex, at the end of this month I’m going to buy the annual so later I may have to change test dates or add others races

Wow, what a schedule. You would make it hard on us :slight_smile: Andrea is busy with the Trek team doing aero testing but when he is back I will discuss this with him.

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Thanks Alex. Thanks for the help. Yes as long as you’re a young kid aged 45. :grinning: I’m still going to walk around with this nonsense. If you can tell me something, I’d really appreciate it. :facepunch:

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Hello Alex. If you make me the training plans for my exams. By doing my publications I can put TrainerDay as a sponsor. You don’t want the offer workouts like I told you at the end of the month, I’m going to buy the annual package. Thank you

We will try, that would be great. :slight_smile:

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thank you alex i stand by with great spiky

We are working on this now. So I re-wrote your schedule to be in order.

19 March Portugal Cup MTB 5-6 hours - A Race
16 April Portugal Cup MTB 5-6 hours
26 March Aveiro Spring Classic road 3-4 hours B Race
02 April Grandfondo Porto/gaia 4 hours
23 April Grandfondo Torres Vedras 4 hours
07 May Portugal Cup MTB 5-6 hours
28 May Portugal Cup MTB 5-6 hours
02 june Portugal Cup MTB 5-6 hours
11 june Grandfondo Terras de Basto 4 hours
16 july resistance 3 hours
5-7 August 3 day MTB
10 september MTB 4 hours
17 september Portugal Cup MTb 5-6 hours
15 October raid MTB 3 hours
22 October raid MTB 3 hours

This is not easy to design for but it is a great example that will help make it easier for us to design for everyone else :slight_smile:

I assume all the other races that don’t say A or B are C-Races?

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You are starting your season with an A-Race. Andrea would recommend you start it with a small c-race 2 or better 3-weeks before the A-Race, but don’t change your training for this first C-Race. Make the C-Race like a mini version of your A-Race (1 hour) and try to treat it like a fast group ride, not a full on race. Could be a fast group ride if necessary.

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Hello Alex. Yes I already did a race on the 19th a C race. Yes the first race is race A the road ones are at B and the raid races are C. Thanks Alex once again

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Hello Alex. As I said, I already bought the annual plan. I ask Andrea if they can send the training plan. Then I’ll put it in my publications on Facebook and Instagram to advertise Trainerday

Andrea can’t create you a training plan… He writes training plans for CEOs of 100 million dollar companies. :slight_smile: But we are using your training as an example to build a program for everyone, build it into Coach Jack. I discussed with him the rules today and so I understand what he suggests you should be doing during your race season. We are working to build it into coach jack but since it might take us longer thank you need I could explain these rules to you if you want. It’s not super complex for you, but it is much more complex when I have to do it for “everyone.” Could you tell me what your month of Febuary looked like on the calendar? Meaning ideally our calendar or a calendar that shows daily hours and types of workouts.

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Thank you, of course I understand perfectly. I, through coach Jack, put several races and what they are and MTB and road. I enclose the February training month.

Hello Alex.
any news?
many thanks

It’s moving forward. My developer is busy on it now. The thing is it will be kind of a basic version, but I feel it is good and general preperation, and when I talked to Andrea he said that different kinds of racers like to prepare for a race differently. Some like to do a small amount of high intensity the day before even though it probably does not help it makes them feel better. The first A race of the season gets a bigger taper but all other races will get a small taper.

So we have base, build, peak now. And Peak ends at your first A-Race. Then we will add a race block from your first A race to your last race (this will be a long block for you). During this race block it will be pretty simple, focused on holding your fitness that you achieved during your base, build, peak.

Secondly he says the main focus should be a long ride each week in the middle of the week even if you are racing on both weekends for example.

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OK thanks Alex :relaxed: :facepunch: