Plano de treino para múltiplas corridas (add multiple races to coach Jack)

Hello Alex. I wanted to ask you or Coach Andrea the following! In the races I arrive at 2:2:30 a.m. I start to have significant breaks and I start to fall behind. Then it feels like I have my muscles stuck! I don’t know if I have to do other types of workouts. if you can help me thank you. This happens in MTB events.
and then I can’t go with the other athletes. I start to get disappointed in myself

Hi, sorry I don’t understand what these things mean.

  1. “2:2:30”
  2. “start to have significant breaks”
  3. “have my muscles stuck”

Sim Alex. Nas provas chego às 2h 2h30 sinto uma quebra de rendimento. Depois sinto uma fadiga nas pernas que não consigo recuperar.
Obrigado Alex

Por isso faço a pergunta será que tenho alterar o tipo de treinos melhorar a alimentação suplementação.

Yes Alex. In the tests I arrive at 2h 2h30 am and I feel a drop in performance.
Then I feel fatigue in my legs that I can’t recover from.
That’s why I ask the question, do I have to change the type of training to improve the supplementation diet.
I’m sorry I wrote in Portuguese and I forgot :grin:
Thanks Alex

No problem. Busy yesterday. I will ask around this is interesting problem. So on these days how many hours of sleep are you getting before the event?

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Hello Alex. I slept by night around 7 o’clock. sometimes I have to work at night. From 19h to 02 in the morning. I changed the workouts to big days. to see if I start to improve or I start to get discouraged :roll_eyes:

Andrea has not heard of this. Can you give me exact time of all these events?

  1. Go to sleep
  2. Wake up
  3. Eat Breakfast
  4. Race time
  5. You start feeling pain (what kind of pain exactly?)
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I will say to me, and knowing as we age we can’t handle intensity so often. Because you are racing so much training with intensity becomes a risk.

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Also he wants to know when you are travelling to the event, how long of drive, and has this ever happened in previous years or just this one? And any strength training the days before the event?

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Hello Alex!

  1. I go to bed at 10 pm before the races.
    2.I wake up at 07:00.
  2. I like to eat Oatmeal.
  3. Duration of 4h race.
  4. Power outage at 2:00 2:30.
    I go to the races the day before.
    Alex I think it’s the lack of intensity and supplementation!!
    If you can help me thanks

In previous years it happened once or twice.
It’s not pain but the legs stop responding. As I make the training plan at Jack and I have some events in between I have to correct…

I am going to work on discussing with Andrea, just super busy right now. It sounds like you are saying you “bonk” after 2-2.5 hours of riding. I would say this is a function of going too fast in the beginning and not getting the right calories in. But let me ask him. He obviously knows more than I do :slight_smile:

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Thanks Alex! I think I’m also going over my limit I can’t eat the necessary carbohydrates and then my legs can’t take it!!!
That idea I gave you about the training plan with several races.
Alex asks Andrea what is the best training plan I should do on Jack?

Hello Alex. How is this beta version of Jack’s plan for various races during the year A B C races. Thanks let’s get better

It’s available but it needs more testing. Also when you are racing on weekends, you should add a long ride during your race block during the week. This is not automatic now.

I also talked to Andrea about your “bonk” problem today.
To him it sounded a little strange. Can you provide a race TCX file where this happened?

  1. You went to fast (solution, slow down)
  2. You have dietary problems (try other fueling, such as carb loading the day before)
  3. Wear a Continuous glucose monitor (CGM) like a Abbott Libre during your race
  4. Get a blood test from a doctor to make sure you don’t have any low level infections. He said he could even provide it to his lab to review.
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Thank you Alex. You have been a very important help to me. Yes today I have already done a race and was attentive and I have already improved a lot at the level of the legs. When you improve the training plan for the races let them know. Thank you

Hello Alex. I’m quite satisfied with the improvements you’re making on the platform… But I don’t know when you’re going to launch the two topics we talked about!! When going to Jack, choose the training plan based on the race you are going to undertake (road or mountain biking). When is smart training due? When we make a training plan for Jack, he thinks it’s always the first one, when we’re already doing the 3rd plan. So training will not always be the most advisable because we are more evolved, I don’t know if I understand?
Alex, why did the function to send training on the street disappear? This is missing the guys I’ve already tried this week
Thanks Alex

Actually our belief is once you have a plan that works for you, you can keep repeating that same plan each year. This is what Coach Andrea suggests. You could try some small changes but you don’t need to completely change it. Pros train like this. Base+Build+Peak+Race… They start at “level 1” each year. I know it sounds a little boring but this works. It’s most important to try tweaking the peak period based on any perceived weaknesses you had.

I don’t know what “send training on the street” means. We are adding a new feature for sending outdoor version to garmin, TP and intervals if that is what you mean. That should be ready in the next 2 weeks. You might have saw it briefly but we need to test it more first.

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Hi Alex. Yes, that’s it, I can tell you that I sent the training to Garmin to train away from home and I liked it!!
Yes, you could change your training plans depending on the races we are going to do mountain biking or cycling, because they are different… I say this about changing training because sometimes we need it! and will never look for what is behind.
Thanks Alex