Plano de treino para múltiplas corridas (add multiple races to coach Jack)

Yes that is true. We need to better optimize for specific races. And yes this Garmin outdoor is coming very soon.

Olá Alex. Para quando a plataforma de treino para as diversas atividades exemplo BTT ou estrada etc. Obrigado

Hi, good to hear from you. Sorry I don’t have an answer yet. I hope this spring but really not sure.

Hello Alex! You have to insist on this topic. This aspect is very important, to be at the same level as other platforms!!
Good year and good business :grinning:

I do understand, this will be a great enhancement.

Hello Alex, how are you? You already have some news about Jack Destinguar planning the different aspects! I’m talking about mountain biking or road etc etc! I’m following you as you should, trainerroad has already implemented another tool. You already know? That hug J.Gomes :wink:

Sorry for the slow response. I missed this some how. Sorry no dates yet. We had a crazy winter with a lot of growth (and more issues than usual so just getting back to planning now).

Hello Alex! Okay, I’ll wait a little longer. More specific training is very important for those who compete. Thanks :wink:

I know, I know, I know. I am not forgetting you, I promise. Lot’s of people would love to see something more specific to their needs and I think MTB plans make the most sense. Obviously the most important thing is getting out and doing variety in the hills on your MTB and balancing the right volume and recovery. But if you want that “extra special extra” training to get a little more out of it that’s where more specific training can help. I have talked to Andrea about this. He has a friend that is a Pro MTB coach and can help us but just can’t seem to get it all together.

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Hello Alex! This is perfect for me personally. As I think it will be useful for everyone, who wants more specific training. Alex Thank you again for your efforts to help…

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Alex, do we already have some developments on the application?
The workouts the app does are almost always the same!
Indoor and outdoor training are the same times, which cannot be!! If the indoor training is 45M, outdoor training should be 1H10 or 1h15. Are you starting to seriously think about putting together different types of training and the AI ​​to always check fatigue online and automatically change the training for the next day?
If I remember anything else I’ll let you know
continuation of the good work you are doing

Hi there. Good to see you. Hope you are having a good race season. We have other priorities first and things seem to go steady but not always fast. Right now we are rebuilding Coach Jack to make it easier to change then we are adding cadence targets and making workouts more interesting (and slightly hardener) so after all that we might be able to get to the different goal types.

Hello Alex! The racing season is going well! Thank you for asking.
Ok, I’m eagerly awaiting how the application will turn out :-).
I will give my opinions to improve the platform.
Keep up the good work
Hugs Gomes :facepunch:

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Hello Alex, how are you?
How are we with Coach Jack? Do we have any news yet? Aren’t you going to invest like others in AI to analyze training, etc.? Will we have access to a coach at an affordable price? Or put the TrainerDay bar on the competition that appears!!
Big hug and if you need any opinion on anything to improve the platform, ask :ok_hand:

Hi there. Coach Jack will have some better workouts soon, meaning more fun/interesting and likely slightly better for performance but that is the main thing for this winter.

The guys are super busy and so sadly we don’t have time to get to any AI stuff. We will just keep making baby steps forever we are still too small to do anything big fast.

It would likely be 2025-2026 before there are any major change to CJ other than the improvements stated above. Hope your season is going well.

Hi Alex!
Yes, it’s going well, thanks for the question!
Sorry for my insistence on this topic, but I think the Trainer Day platform can grow and be above others that are appearing now! But I see that when I sign up to test them :slight_smile: I notice that the training is very much aimed at athletes who do races, whether road or mountain bike. I think you can do something similar for now. Jack, when we put together our training plan, it’s not always the same. I think this is where the improvement continues. Big hug