Send metrics to Garmin Connect

I’ve read several of the topics in the forum but I am still somewhat confused on how to sync ride metrics with Garmin. I have a smart trainer and would like to ride to the Trainer Day app via my mobile phone but after completing the ride send the metrics, heart rate, ftp etc to Garmin connect.

I don’t believe Trainer Day sends ‘Activities’ to Garmin Connect. I’ve heard the Garmin API has weird limitations on what it lets people do sometimes. There’s a couple possible options:

  • Have the activity automatically send to Strava, then sync from Strava to Garmin Connect using a synching service like or

  • Manually download the activity to a file (or have Trainer Day automatically sync to a Dropbox folder), then manually uploading to Garmin Connect

Yes Garmin won’t let us.

Official word from Garmin on activities

Sadly there are no ways to do this automatically. You must manually take the file and upload it. This process can take 30-seconds if you optimize it but still frustrating.

Why not simply transfer the workout to your Garmin and let your Garmin control your smart trainer? Far easier than any other ‘workaround’. I fail to see the benefit of using the app for trainer control if this is what you want and you have a perfectly capable alternative.

Really have you done this? :slight_smile: I think the experience of using a device to control the trainer is terrible. Problems like limited number of workout steps. Small screen with poor training experience. Missing features. I would say if you are spending 45 minutes or more doing a workout having the best workout experience and spending an extra 30-seconds to transfer a workout is far better. But you bring up a good point. You can connect your Garmin device to your trainer also and use the app to follow the workout but also record on Garmin. Still not perfect but saves the transfer process but requires starting two devices at the same time.

If the OP has a Garmin, he wouldn’t have a problem to xfer the finished workout to Garmin Connect.
I run the workout from TrainerDay app and record on my Garmin. That gives me a good experience and flawless transfer of workout data.

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I think it’s perfectly fine. You can view the workout before and flick through the screens to look at various metrics. I guess it depends entirely upon how you have set up your screens for indoor use. I dont sit and stare at my screen - I’m usually watching something or listening to a podcast. You get plenty of warning of what the next step is going to be and you can just rely upon ERG to adjust the steps. I’m. It sure what else the app offers to me from a user experience (personally) plus I don’t have to contend with any possible app or android glitches that might arise.

I’ve had no issues with time in zone being wrong or load being incorrect. According to I’m doing exactly what’s been prescribed by coach Jack.

It depends what features are important to you I guess and whether you’re a Chris Froome type who constantly needs to stare at their head unit.

Fwiw it’s just what works best for me - I’m not saying it’s right for everyone.

It sounds like in your case that works great. I would actually like to train how you do :slight_smile: but I end up doing things more dynamically. I think with two 7-year olds and a demanding wife and this demanding project :slight_smile: everything is dynamic. Our app allows more dynamic training but if you are strictly following a plan I agree your solution is good. I also prefer the view I get in TrainerDay app. Secondly I know you can’t have cadence targets and power targets at the same time in Garmin but this is all small stuff.

For clarity, complete the ride on the app then transfer the file to Garmin? I thought you could only transfer the actual workout plan to Garmin not the results of it. Can you clarify the steps for me. Thanks

You’re correct re cadence/power. It’s for an individual to have that discipline if aim for a set cadence. You can visualise all the current metrics if you want so if trying to ride a particular power you want to do it at 60rpm then you can. Similarly, if you want to do it at 90rpm you can - it’s the beauty or ERG.

You are correct. We can NOT transfer completed activites to Garmin automatically only planned workouts.

I think there might be some confusion in terminology here.

  • Garmin Connect is Garmin’s online data hub where you upload training and activities
  • Garmin bike computers (or head units) are the devices you buy and place on the bike. These can record activities and control trainers

So I think what some people are talking about here is sending the training to the Garmin bike computer, doing the activity on the bike computer, and then the Garmin bike computer can upload the activity to Garmin Connect.

@s_l I don’t think there’s any confusion. OP wants the results of his ride to sync with Garmin connect after using the trainerday app as his control. Alex has confirmed this can’t be done.

Perhaps I’ve incorrectly assumed that the OP has a Garmin head unit given they wish to sync the activity with Garmin connect afterwards.

Trainerday will send the workout/instruction to connect and from there it can be sent to the Garmin head unit and completed using the head unit as controller in place of the trainerday app. Thereafter the completed workout syncs with connect.

Apologies if this wasn’t are at me

*aimed at me

@Emmodd Sorry, my response was in regards to OP’s seeming confusion in

I could be mistaken but I don’t believe OP has a Garmin head unit. My impression is OP just wants to run the training on Trainer Day and have the activity send to Garmin Connect directly.

No if you look at first request it’s about training in our app and sending metrics to Garmin. Their terminology is not 100% clear but I don’t believe they are talking about using a bike computer to control their trainer.

What I wanted to clarify was that OP wanted

  • Trainer Day -> Garmin Connect

but other people were talking about

  • Trainer Day training -> Garmin computer -> Garmin Connect

Looks like I ended creating more confusion LOL.

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Sorry, I assumed you’d have a Garmin head unit if using Garmin connect. I guess you could have a watch or something which doesn’t offer trainer control. Without a Garmin device connect is pretty redundant - there are better ways of monitoring training that are free (but I guess that’s a different discussion :rofl:)

@Alex re: your last comment I realised that. I was just offering a different solution to get the completed workout into connect :+1: