Wahoo Element integration (Push workouts to Wahoo Elemnt)

Are there plans to include workout export/ synchronisation for Wahoo units?

Hi amg61, yes I keep begging them to create a public API for this but currently they don’t have one and wont’ let small guys like us in yet. I am even friends with the lead developer working on their public API but it’s still not happening. Nothing we can do. I am Wahoo user myself.

Alex - thanks for explaining. That is frustrating but I guess we’ll just have to wait.

I talked to Wahoo about 3-months ago and they said this is the top priority on their public API but they are currently not working on the public API … They said they hope to have this ready by the end of 2021.

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Anything moving on this front?
Have you talked to the Karoo guys? Smaller, maybe better chance to succeed… Also Android based. They added Xert to their internal App Store

Sorry Marco, nothing yet. I will contact them in October to see what they say. Being a great fan of technology I would like to build an app that works on Karoo but we are still too small at this point. I don’t think there are enough Karoo users for us but I can see why it makes more sense for Aramando/Xert. You can create a separate request for that and if it gets popular I would consider it sooner.

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Here is the response from Wahoo. Optimistic this year is not too bad of response. But still not yet…