Web-based training app = larger screen, on PCs/Macs, with Ant+ and BT

Please add the training app features to your website/app so we can ride workouts directly from the web browser (without the need for a phone or tablet).
This should enable larger screens and larger text, the use of PCs and Mac, as well as Ant+ and Bluetooth connections to our smart trainers.

You know what is funny, when we first started building our app I was thinking about doing this. We need to find some contributors to this project below to integrate with TrainerDay.

I would consider trying to help in some way. I talked to the creator (@marinov a user here on our forum). He was open to it but said he had a lot of other problems he wanted to tackle first.

Our app is built in react native so creating windows/mac version is actually easy. The problem I have is testing resources. I have an idea on how to get some more money to pay for a tester that could make this happen :slight_smile:

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Would you consider creating a build of the RN app for Mac? I would love to beta test it, and I’m sure you could find plenty of others on the forum here.

In the other thread there were two workarounds suggested:

Mirroring Android to PC:

Running an Android virtual machine:

We could do a build but the problem is I don’t have the resources to maintain it right now. Meaning it requires more testing and bug fixes, layout changes to make it great. So having beta testers is good but we need more revenue and an additional paid tester. The dev work should not be so much. If you really want it, I am currious myself it works out of the box and what it looks like. I actually am thinking about for next winter making a desktop version that allows watching youtube or netflix in it with the small sidebar (something more like maximum trainer). But two modes. Focus mode like now, or video mode. We could even have people currate videos or even add video link to public workouts that work well.

Long-term a desktop version where you could watch netflix/youtube would be amazing!

I’m more than willing to at least check out an initial desktop build. Just let me know.


Cool, my app developer is in the middle of a bunch of stuff but when he gets through that I asked him to create a quick build and see if it works on his mac.

If it works for him maybe we can get you something in a week or two to look at.

:+1: Great!